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The way we produce and use energy is changing earth's climate in ways that will profoundly affect our way of life - and our children's future.

Sustainable energy includes: 

  • renewable sources, such as plant matter, solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power, in addition to 
  • strategies and technologies that improve energy efficiency or otherwise reduce the environmental impact.

Championing the thought of sustainable energy in every facet of energy use and production whether directly applicable to Cornell, assisting with private enterprise opportunities or simply energy use in general is the focus of Cornell's "Sustainable Energy Team Manager".  Cornell has committed the resources of a full time position to be the catalyst necessary to move visions to implementation.  

  •  Sustainable and/or Renewable Energy Projects In-Service
    • Hydroelectric - Electrical Generation
    • Co-Generation
    • Photovoltaic Electrical
    • Expansion of the Combined Heat and Power Facility
    • Solar Hydronic Heating
    • Many Energy Conservation Projects
  • Sustainable and/or Renewable Energy Projects Envisioned
    • Cornell University Renewable Bio-Energy Initiative - (CURBI)  The vision is to develop systems that would generate energy from bio-fuels to include
      • Heat
      • Electricity
      • Synthetic Gas
      • Hydrogen
      • Bio-Char
    • Enhanced Geo-Thermal System (EGS)  The vision is to develop systems to utilize the heat trapped deep with in the earth to produce
      • Heat
      • Electricity
    • Smart - Grid Development
    • Others not envisioned at this time.

A multitude of projects whether already in service, envisioned or not imagined at this time will be necessary for Cornell University to achieve it's goal of carbon neutrality.