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Using SmartPhones to Report Data

You can now use smartphones to record how many lights you turned off as you go through a building.  Simply log on to your profile using your phone, click on "Active Tasks", and click on "Enter Data".  You will be taken to a specialized mobile data reporting applet.  The mobile interface primarily supports iPhone and Android phones (although iPod Touch devices should also work).  You can, however, access the interface with other phones with a browser, but functionality is not guaranteed.  At the bottom of this page, we display whether or not your device is detected by us as a smartphone - you should check this before relying on it! If you find a problem, please let us know!

When you finish your task, you will need to submit (or finalize) your data. If you forget to do so, you'll get a reminder email asking you to log on to your profile and finalize your data by clicking on "Enter Data" again.

We have detected that you are using the following browser:
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This device cannot be used as a mobile reporting device. If you think it should be able to, email us what we detected, and we'll try to make it work!