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 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter data through my mobile phone?

Yes! You can use your smartphone to enter data in real-time.  You can see instructions on how to do so here.

I've volunteered!  What happens now?

Thank you for volunteering!  We will look at the nights you said you are available, and email you a date on which we'd like you to turn off lights. Or, you can choose the date yourself under the "Select Dates to Volunteer" tab.  You'll have a partner to go with, and we'll send you your instructions and maps.  It should take less than an hour to do everything.

If I volunteer, how many nights am I signing myself up for?

Just one!  You can volunteer more often by changing your availability or selecting more individual dates to volunteer. 

What happens if you assign me to a night, but I'll be away or busy that night?

If this happens, please let us know as soon as possible, and we'll find somebody else to replace you.  We'll leave your name on our list of volunteers, however.

How long will it take?

Generally, it takes about 20 minutes to go through each building.  In total, it should take less than an hour.  Yes, you can go out to party afterwards if you do it on a Friday night!

When should we turn off the lights?

We suggest going around between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm. If you go earlier than this, you'll find that a lot of rooms are still in use.  However, Hollister Hall and Martha van Rennselaer Hall lock at 8PM, so you must be inside before then.

What about rooms that are locked?

If you cannot enter a room because it is locked, don't worry about it.  Just move on.

Do I have to with my partner?

Preferably.  It's nice to have some company, and it's also safer for there to be two of you, especially when you are in buildings with which you are unfamiliar.


My partner didn't show up! Now what?

If possible, try to get in contact with your partner and see if they are on their way.  If you cannot get in touch with your partner, you can go around by yourself.  Or, you can have a friend join you (if you have someone other than your assigned partner join you, please send us an email so that we know who went around to each building - and so that your friend can get credit for their work!).

Does this count as community service?

Yes.  Each night you volunteer is service to Cornell, the community, and the world.  If you need something in writing to demonstrate that you have undertaken community service, please contact us. We count each night as an hour of service.

This sounds like a great project!  How can I help?

We're glad you think so!  Most of all, you can help us by volunteering.  You can also come to our organizational meetings, which are held on Tuesdays at 5--look at the front page for detailed meeting locations.  Another way to help is to suggest buildings that we can add to our project - contact us if you know of academic buildings that have lights left on at light.

Help!  I still have more questions!

Then contact us!