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 Information for Clubs

Why get your chapter/group involved?  

  • Fulfill community service hours in a quick, easy, and fun way
  • Bond with your group members while working to accomplish a goal
  • Connect your group's cause with environmental conservation
  • Make a visible diffrence on campus
  • Be a part of the Energy Conservation Initiative under Cornell's Climate Action Plan

How Lights Off can help your chapter/group

  • Make Lights Off a fundraising event - Book one night to turn off lights in all 6 buildings with your entire group. Match donations with the amount of money saved in electricity. 
  • Bring Lights Off back to your group's/chapter’s house - Work with your facility managers to obtain digital maps of your house or create your own maps. Locate light switch locations, count how many lights each switch turns off noting the wattage and type of the light bulbs in use. Have one person in the house make sure lights get turned off every night. Calculate how much money and energy you save.
  • Bring Lights Off to your group's meeting - If you would like us to make a presentation to your group, we would be happy to do so.  



How to get your group involved:

  1. Choose a contact person from the group (i.e. philanthropy chair, club officer, etc.) to coordinate Lights Off involvement.
  2. Decide on volunteer dates based on openings in the Lights Off Volunteer Schedule calendar. You can sign up your group to volunteer as frequently as you would like (weekly, monthly, specific dates, etc).  Keep in mind that 2 volunteers will be needed per building group per night.
  3. Email with the volunteer schedule your group would like.
  4. Determine which students will be volunteering.
  5. Volunteers can find more detailed instructions can be found under “What’s Involved”
  6. Volunteers create a Lights Off profile and “Affiliate” with your group.
  7. On the night of volunteering, the volunteers turn off lights and record data. 
  8. Volunteers report data back onto our website.
  9. Member hours are documented via our website. Email if you would like proof that community service hours have been completed.