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With their unique building knowledge, staff involvement is vital to maximize energy conservation performance.  It’s easy to get involved

Turn it Off / Shut it Down

  • Computer monitors: Turn off all when not needed
  • Computers: Set power save mode to minimize power use when idle
  • Computers: Shut off if possible nights and weekends
  • Freezers and Refrigerators: Shut off all that are not in use
  • Research Equipment: Shut off all that is not is use
  • Space Heaters: Minimize the use of, shut off when gone
  • Fume Hood Sashes: Close when not in use
  • Greenhouse Lighting: Shut off when not needed
  • Growth Chambers: Shut off when not in use,
  • Unplug equipmentthat drains energy when not in use (i.e. cell phone chargers, fans, coffeemakers, desktop printers, radios, etc.).


Widen Setpoints

  • Growth Chambers: Widen heating/cooling setpoints with HVAC Shop Assistance
  • Thermostats: Lower heating, raise cooling setpoints with HVQC Shop assistance



Increase Efficiency

  • Preventive Maintenance:  Ask us about conservation focused PM for your building
  • Coordinate with vending machine vendor to turn off advertising lights.
  • Keep heating vents unobstructed.
  • Use energy efficient ENERGY STAR® products



Smart Choices

  • Use natural lighting or daylighting. Turn off lights near windows if feasible
  • Use task lighting.  Instead of lighting an entire room, focus the light where needed and directly illuminate work areas.
  • Close or adjust window blinds to block direct sunlight to reduce cooling needs during warm months
  • In the winter months, open blinds on south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your workspace.  At night, close the blinds to reduce heat loss at night.