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The EMCS portal provides access to real time energy consumption for a limited number of  buildings, electric generation from our solar photovoltaic electric systems, central energy plant electric generation and weather data.

The portal can be accessed via the following link using FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera:

(Portal DOES NOT WORK in Internet Explorer)

Here’s some detail of what’s available via the portal.


 Real Time Data (i.e. 15-minute intervals) of electric, chilled water and steam consumption is currently available for a limited number of buildings.


Very Cool Feature Alert!

In the portal, click on the "open widget" to install a desktop widget to conveniently track energy use on your desktop! 


(example of Biotech electric widget showing hourly electric)


In addition, electric generation is available for the following:

Renewable Energy:

1) Day Hall Photovoltaics

2) Campus Store Photovoltaics


Central Energy Plant:

1) Steam Turbine Generators

2) Gas Turbine Generators