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Central Energy Plant at Night

About Energy and Sustainability

We have the obligation to reduce our environmental footprint while providing reliable, cost-effective energy and water to campus. We have the opportunity to catalyze sustainable campus activities across many areas, enhance Cornell's reputation, and participate in exciting, mission-critical teaching and research activities.

What You Can Do

What Cornell is Doing


Three sections comprise Energy & Sustainability

Energy Management

Conserving energy, load forecasting, trending, optimizing supply, reducing demand, metering...

Sustainability Office

Coordinating, facilitating, communicating, measuring, catalyzing...


Infrastructure: producing and distributing heat, cooling, electricity, water...

Project and Operational Highlights

Project Highlights


Building Dashboard - Live data about your building

Track and compare electricity usage on buildings across campus - how can you help reduce usage in your building?

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Operational Highlights


2017 Cornell Water Quality Report

Cornell University is providing th 2017 Drinking Water Quality Report to our customers because we want you to be fully informed about your water quality and the need to protect its source.

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Cornell water quality update

In response to recent questions from customers arising from the publicity of lead contamination issues in the potable water across the nation, and the more recent reports of the lead in drinking water at local Ithaca schools, Chris Bordlemay, Cornell Water/Wastewater Manager, has written an open letter and responses to frequently asked questions as it relates to the Cornell University Water System.

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Many of our Highlights, Events, and News items can be followed on the Sustainability at Cornell Facebook page