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Utilities Complex

About Energy and Sustainability

We have the obligation to reduce our environmental footprint while providing reliable, cost-effective energy and water to campus. We have the opportunity to catalyze sustainable campus activities across many areas, enhance Cornell's reputation, and participate in exciting, mission-critical teaching and research activities.

What You Can Do

What Cornell is Doing


Three sections comprise Energy & Sustainability

Energy Management

Conserving energy, load forecasting, trending, optimizing supply, reducing demand, metering...

Sustainability Office

Coordinating, facilitating, communicating, measuring, catalyzing...


Infrastructure: producing and distributing heat, cooling, electricity, water...

Project and Operational Highlights

Project Highlights


Invest Today in the Cornell Green Revolving Fund

Join the crowd-funding campaign for the student run Green Revolving Fund - money from initial seed funding is distributed to finance energy efficiency projects and the savings from those projects revolve back to the fund to finance future projects...


Riley Robb Heat Recovery saves $35,000 & 61 tons CO2e annually

We installed a new glycol loop and coils to transfer heat between the exhaust air and the outside air in a nominal 20,000 cfm 100% outside air laboratory ventilation system in the north wing.


ECI Project at Duffield Hall is saving $221,500 and 550 tons/per year carbon equivalent annually!

New space controllers, network wiring, and logic upgrades now allow full functionality of control logic that varies airflows and temperature setpoints based on occupancy.

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Operational Highlights


2014 Energy Fast Facts are now available!

The Energy Fast Facts provide a great 1-page snapshot of the present energy production, consumption, emissions associated with the central energy plants (this term includes heating, electricity, and chilled water).

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Take a spin around campus to see where the convenient bottle fillers are located!

Did you know that Cornell's annual bottled water use results in GHG emissions equivalent to 30 passenger vehicles... let's Take Back the Tap!

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2014 Joint Annual Water Quality Report

Every year, a water quality report is prepared based upon the past year's activities. We take great pride in the work that we do and we invite you to read these very informative reports. Cornell collaborates with the other two water purveyors in the Ithaca area to produce this report (City of Ithaca and the Bolton Point Water System).

Cornell to buy all of proposed Black Oak Wind Farm's energy

Making a stride toward reducing carbon emission, Cornell University has agreed to purchase all electricity generated by the proposed Black Oak Wind Farm in Enfield, New York, which is pending municipal approvals. This purchase represents 20 percent of the universitys total annual electricity use, and a 5% reduction in our GHG inventory!


Third Gold STARS Rating for Cornell

In the continuing effort to save energy, enhance environmental operations and increase sustainability research and education, Cornell earned its third consecutive gold STARS rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

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Many of our Highlights, Events, and News items can be followed on the Sustainability at Cornell Facebook page